BOV Programs

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Join our CosPlay team for compassionate cosplaying opportunities as they arise. We have cosplayed at various Children’s Hospitals at Halloween as well as some of our other Fundraising Events. To join our team please contact

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-Music Makers  TBA


Scholarship recipients range from $100.00 to a grand prize of $1,000.00.  Contest rules will be availble at our contest booth on Nov 16-17 and available online after we officially announce the contest at the event. For info, email 

-PECKHAM PRIZE for Selfless Service

You may have guessed it, this is a play on the Nobel Prize, but named in memory of one of our greatest team members whom without our 2019 events would not have happened. 

-Youth Ambassador Program Volunteer and be selected as a Youth Ambassador to your school and others. Earn local recognition and the potential to win a vairety of great prizes for your volunteer work such as Disney land passes. 

For information on the LAWRENCE G SMITH WRITING CONTEST, PECKHAM PRIZE for Selfless Service or becoming a Youth Ambassador email

-Create the SUPERHERO name for our deaf, mystic, heroine, Harmony, of spectacular Signs! Suggestions for Harmony DeJulia’s HERO name, our beloved heroine of Spectacular Signs, email  

 BecomeOneVoice CONEX 2019 Spectacular Signs