About BOV

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Become One Voice’s mission is to empower youth in the community to use their time and talents to make a difference in our local and glabal communities. Because of having such a broad mission our projects take many forms based on what is relevent and needed in our communities with a heavy emphasis on literacy as that is the first step of empowerment! 

We do more than fundraise and give the proceeds to other charities, although that is part of it and more importantly, how we ultimately got our start. 

The evolution of Become One Voice has gone from merely having fun while fundraising to teaching others to do the same while along the way aquiring skills that will benefit one throughout his or her entire life. Projects change with each year and are geared to youth reaching out to youth for greater impact and involvement, which is why our most popular event is the CONEX Comic Con and Exotic Animal Expo. With this event we take pop culture events to a whole new level. With this one event we are able to help multiple non-profits: Make-A-Wish, Happy Critters Animal Rescule, Cali-Fid Bird Sanctuary, Sonoma County Reptile Rescue, California Turtle and Tortoise Club and many more. 

Think about what goes into an event like this; imagine the planning and effort our local youth have to put into it. Thousands of combined hours using all kinds of skill sets such as communication with businesses through written correspondance, person to person interviews to establish business partneships and more. Then there is logistical planning; ordering tables, chairs, reserving hotel rooms, transportation, and meals for the celebrities, advertisement (social media, print media, radio PSA’s and so on). It is a huge undertaking that builds confidence in all who participate. 

In addition to CONEX we have several other projects. We have a pilot program called, Reading with Reptiles and its grand finale is a writing contest for all participating schools. Students in this program will be able to win cash prizes for their winning essays. 

In addition to that we have recently eastablished a DID YOU KNOW by Sebastion component in the comic book Spectacular Signs a story about a deaf heroine who uses ASL throughout the book. This takes the literacy part of what we do to the next level and allows some entrants and contest winners to become actual published writers. Imaging that, becoming a published writer in the 4th grade!

Then there is our Compassionate Cos-Playing where we go to hospitals to visit children as their favorite Characters. This teaches compassion. 

When youth are empowered to think, create, and write about experienced that srit the heart, we have given them all the tools they need to experience success in life and ultimately to continue to give back, generously, of their time and talents to their local and even global communities.

With your help we can all make a difference. We can change the world!

 BecomeOneVoice CONEX 2018 Spectacular Signs