2022 Joshua Charles Peckham Scholarship

Please make your submission to Selfless_Service@becomeonevoice.com

Submission must include a cover page. With the nominee name, address, phone, and email of both nominee and yourself and the school you plan on attending. On the Joshua Charles Peckham Scholarship you MUST be nominated by someone other that yourself. You may not self nominate. If you would like to apply for this one, ask a family member or friend to submit a nomination on your behalf. 

Submission must be no more than the alotted word count on the 2022 rubrick. Please do NOT include resumes or transcripts. They are not required and will not be included with the essay to the judging committee for consideration. See more details and instructions HERE.

No late submissions will be accepted. 

Please pay special attention to the scholarship guidelines. None of our scholarships are need based, they are ALL merit based. We are not looking for the first of the family to attend college or sad stories. We do empathise, but we need to stick to the criteria of the contests. If your submission includes that as part of its inspiration, that is fine, but that should not be the only thing the submission is about. 

2022 information and rubrick coming soon.

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